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Sotéa Carbonated Tea was created by our family with the idea that we could drink healthier without sacrificing flavor and other components that make a drink enjoyable. We believe that many people, including youth and young adults, desire to drink healthier beverages but are unwilling to permanently give up the desirable features of their favorite drinks.

Over the years, our family tried to convert to drinking healthier. After many failed attempts of switching between different teas, flavored waters, juices, and other non-carbonated beverages we continually surrendered to the desire to drink a flavorful carbonated beverage. Teas are healthy but can be flat and bitter. Carbonated beverages are fun and enjoyable but may contain unwanted ingredients. Nothing we found on the market had the health benefits of a tea product with satisfying carbonation and the tongue-tingling taste of pure fruit delight, so we decided to create our own.

Sotéa was born in the kitchen of our home in the spring of 2012. After creating the original prototypes, we enlisted the help of a flavor specialist in Germantown, WI. Within twelve months, we had developed the first three flavors. We then teamed up with Twig's Beverage, a local bottler in our hometown Shawano, WI. Another family business, since 1951, the Hartwig family understands our passion for creating this high quality beverage.

Sotéa is different than any other beverage on the market. Our drink provides the health benefits of green tea extracts with a carbonated base. Sotéa was created with natural cane sugars and natural fruit extracts and flavors. When combined, to great delight... The Perfect Beverage!

From our family to yours, we hope you find Sotéa to be as flavorful and as satisfying as we know it is. Naturally sweetened and naturally flavored. No color added. Pure and simple.

Try Sotéa today and know what it means to Drink Differently!

Thank You,

The Sotéa Family

Nick, Rosanna, Mason, and Malia Aulik
Jacob, Amanda, and Marley Yorton

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Sotéa uses green tea.

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Sotéa uses cane sugar in regular flavors.
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Sotéa uses stevia in regular flavors.
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Sotéa uses sucralose in diet flavors.
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